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Blowers in the steel industry

The steel industry in Japan is also called the "rice of industries" and has been developed since long ago as an industry that produces steel materials indispensable for automobiles, railways and construction.
Ebara Fan & Blower Co., Ltd. has been designing and manufacturing fans and blowers to be used in the steelmaking process while growing with the prosperity of the steel industry.
The fans and blowers used in the steelmaking process are required to have high reliability and high efficiency for stable operation over a long period in harsh environments.
Our blower absorbs the detailed requests through careful communication with customers, and reflects the know-how we have cultivated over many years in our products. We are making products while envisioning even the maintenance long after purchase. In addition to accepting requests, it is also our strength to be able to propose optimal fans and blowers for each application.

Typical examples of use

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Sintering equipment

In the sintering furnace, iron ore, which is the main raw material of iron, is baked together with lime and powder coke. In this process, in order to uniformly apply heat to the raw materials, various fans and blowers such as large main exhaust fan, BUF, and circulating blower are used.

Fans and Blowers used for sintering equipment

Main exhaust fanCirculating blowerBUF (boost-up fan)Cooling FanDust Collecting Fan

Coke oven equipment

In the CDQ equipment ancillary to the coke oven, the heat of the red hot coke is recovered and reused by a steam boiler, etc. Since the inert gas that mediates the sensible heat circulates through the oven, it is required that the blower be gastight. In addition, it is required to have robustness to withstand dust generated in the oven.

Fans and Blowers used for coke equipment

CDQ gas circulation blowercirculating blower, DAPS equipment blower, guide car fan

Blast furnace equipment

In the blast furnace, iron ore is reduced and "pig iron" is taken out. Many fans and blowers are also running around the blast furnace.

Fans and Blowers used for blast furnace equipment

Dust collecting fan, fan for hot blast furnace, PCI hot gas booster fan, casting bed dust blower

Converter equipment

In a converter, the pig iron is refined to produce "steel". The byproduct gas of the converter is highly useful as a fuel, and the gas fans and blowers for recovering it, fans and blowers for environmental equipment or dust collection, etc. are used.

Fans and Blowers used for converter equipment

OG gas blower, converter dust collecting fan

Gas booster

Many byproduct gases generated in each equipment in the steelworks can be reused as fuel. The gas booster is used to supplement pressure when pumping byproduct gas of blast furnace and coke oven and the like. The gas booster is required to have not only gas tightness but also corrosion resistance according to the components of gas to be handled.

Examples of use of gas booster

BFG booster,COG booster,LDG booster, M gas booster

Other blower used in steelmaking

Other examples of use

CAPL fan, steam exhaust fan, regenerative burner fan, soaking furnace fan, fan for combustion of heating furnace, exhaust fan, rail cooling fan, RTO equipment fan, direct fans for electric furnace, backwash fans, building dust collecting fans, LF fan