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Message from the President


Ebara Fan & Blower Co., Ltd. is a company to provide outstanding products in the field of fans and blowers with a motto: "contributing to society widely by providing superior technology and best service in the fields of water, air and environment", which is the Ebara Group's corporate philosophy.
Ebara Corporation started the manufacture of fans and blowers in 1921. In 1967, the fans and blowers business was fully transferred to Kansai Koki Co., Ltd., the predecessor of our company. As a result, we were reborn as Ebara Koki Co., Ltd. In 2001, we took over the Sales and Technical departments from Hamada Blower, and became a company with businesses ranging from sales to design and manufacture and a highly reliable products' line-up. Further, in 2016, we took over the standard fans and blowers manufacturing department from Oiwa Machinery Co., Ltd. and renamed the company as the current Ebara Fan & Blower Co., Ltd.. In this way, we have been highly praised by our clients because of our great achievements and high reliability from the past.

We will continue to provide highly reliable fans and blowers in a swift manner to customers both in Japan and all over the world. We will also strive to provide services that are closely related to the customers by enhancing after-sales services. We will always put the customers first, use Ebara Group's resources effectively, and, through the efforts of the entire company, aim at excellent management as a trusted company.