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Blowers functioning in various industries

Although rarely seen in daily life, there are many fans and blowers running in factories, power stations, tunnels, and underground shopping centers, etc. Ebara Fan & Blower Co., Ltd. supports social infrastructure as an unsung hero.

Typical examples of use

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Blower for the electricity industry

In the electric power industry, many fans and blowers are used in the equipment around the boiler of thermal power plants.
As fans and blowers handling high temperature exhaust gas, such as the positive blower which blows air for combustion, various customized fans and blowers such as those having turning equipment and dew point corrosion countermeasure, etc., are supporting the supply of stable electric power on a daily basis.

Delivery examples to the electric power industry

forced draft fanprimary air fan (PAF)gas recirculating fan (GMF,GRF)induced draft fan (IDF),BUF (boost-up fan)

Blower for petrochemical industry

For the petrochemical industry, we have been producing large and small products, mainly IDF for ethylene hydrolysis furnaces.
There are many cases of handling corrosive substances. We make our products by selecting the optimum material according to the process. We also excel at manufacturing fans and blowers with materials difficult to be processed such as nickel-based superalloy and titanium.

Delivery examples to the petrochemical industry

IDF for ethylene heating furnace,CCR regenerator blowerchlorine gas blower, SO2 blower, gas washer

Blower for transportation infrastructure

In the transportation business, many fans and blowers are used for the ventilation in subway, underground shopping mall, and tunnel, and contribute to creating infrastructure that can make users feel safe.
For subway ventilation, we make low noise centrifugal fans and space-saving axial flow fans. For tunnel ventilation, we make large axial flow fans and variable pitch axial flow fans and jet fans. We also handle auxiliary equipment such as mufflers and dust removers.

Delivery examples to the transportation infrastructure

Axial flow fan for tunnel ventilationjet fan for tunnel ventilation

Wind tunnel

The wind tunnel of Ebara Fan & Blower Co., Ltd. is used in various industries, mainly by automobile manufacturers and research institutions. With not only larger size, higher speed and lower noise but also the best choice of measuring equipment etc., we are contributing to technology development by reproducing the actual environment.

Delivery examples of wind tunnel

Automotive wind tunnel,vehicle speed fan, low temperature environment wind tunnel,high temperature environment wind tunnel,crosswind wind tunnel, high speed wind tunnel, pressure tester,aerodynamic wind tunnel for multi-purpose experiments, wind experience wind tunnel, high speed vehicle speed fan, CFRP axial flow fan, high pressure axial flow blower

Blower for building and air conditioning

The Ebara Group offers not only industrial fans and blowers but also fans and blowers for building and air conditioning, which are familiar in daily life.
We have a wide line ranging from general air conditioning fans to high pressure, high temperature, special material (stainless steel, plastic) fans and smoke evacuator used for smoke exhausting equipment.

Delivery examples of construction/air conditioning equipment

Air conditioning fanmulti-purpose fansmoke exhausting fan

Others/blowers for light industry

Many fans and blowers are adopted even where relatively small air flow and mainly air treatment are required.
We have a lineup of small fans and blowers at standard low prices. In addition to belt driving and direct motor driving, you can also choose from a variety of options, such as vibration isolation and air volume adjustment devices.

Delivery examples of fans and blowers for light industry

New three ace fanlight industry series fan

Blowers used for various equipment

Paper making facilities: Fans for paper machine equipment
Glass manufacturing facilities: Rapid cooling fan
Water treatment facilities: Aeration blower
Air dome: Pressure blower