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Blower in garbage disposal sites

Many Fans and Blowers are also running in the garbage disposal facilities that support our lives. In particular, forced draft fan/induced draft fan, which forms the basis of garbage incineration equipment, is designed and manufactured with the optimal gas volume and pressure for the capacity of each incinerator.
It is also our strength to be able to offer fans and blowers with high added value that can solve various problems such as improvement in energy saving efficiency due to equipment renewal, or problem of carrying-in route and layout.

Typical examples of use

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Positive blower

Forced Draft Fan (FDF) is used for sending combustion air into the incinerator. Therefore, a relatively high pressure blower is used, and in some cases a high pressure blower may be used.

Primary Air Fan,Secondary Air Fan

Induced draft fan (PDF)

Induced draft fan is used on the exhaust side of the incinerator and is the largest blower in the garbage disposal plant.

Induced draft fan

Blowers for auxiliary equipment

In the garbage incineration plants, there are various types of auxiliary equipment for controlling emission of dust and greenhouse gases, and small fans and blowers are often used.

Fans and Blowers used for Auxiliary equipment

White fume prevention fan,circulation fan

Blowers for sludge incineration, industrial waste incineration equipment

In a fluidized-bed furnace for incineration of sludge, a multistage blower is frequently used because high pressure is required for air supply. The structure is designed with ingenuity in order to prevent any negatively effect of the sludge or putrefactive gas on the main body of the blower and the surrounding environment.

Fans and Blowers used for sludge incineration equipment, etc.

Fluidizing blower,Induced draft blower,aeration blower