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Fans and Blowers in the cement industry

Cement is very familiar to us in daily life as a material of the structure. Fans and Blowers of Ebara Fan & Blower Co., Ltd. are also running in factories manufacturing the cement.
Since the gas handled in manufacturing cement contains dust in almost all processes, the fans and blowers are subject to reduced efficiency due to adhesion and severe wear and tear.
At Ebara Fan & Blower Co., Ltd., while communicating with many cement makers, we review the impeller shape and carried out optimum wear-and-tear countermeasures, and provide fans and blowers that have both durability and high efficiency.
Based on the experience we have cultivated in this way, our strength is the ability to offer a variety of fans and blowers.

Typical examples of use

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Material process (grinding equipment)

In the raw material process, raw materials such as silica, clay, and iron are finely pulverized by raw mill. In this process, fans and blowers for suctioning and collecting fine powder is used.
Because of the large thermal effect of rapid temperature change inside the mill, we have designed fans and blowers taking this into consideration. When waste such as garbage and sludge is used as raw material, in some cases fans have corrosion resistance against corrosive components of the raw materials.

Fans and Blowers used for material process

Raw Mill Fan,dust collecting fan

Firing process (firing equipment, cooling equipment)

The process of heating crushed raw materials and making clinker, which is an intermediate product, consists of Kilning facilities, Cooling facilities centering on the preheater kiln. In the Kilning facilities, Cooling facilities, fans and blowers that have taken measures against abrasion and adhesion of raw materials and fans and blowers for reusing waste heat of the Kilning process are used respectively.

Fans and Blowers used for kiling facilities

SP kiln IDF,kiln exhaust fan

Fans and Blowers used for cooling facilities

AQC cooling fanAQC exhaust fanAQC circulation fan

Finishing process (grinding equipment)

In the finishing process, the clinker is crushed by the finishing mill, and powder cement is produced.
Here, a fan for suctioning and collecting the fine powder crushed by the finishing mill is used.

Fans and Blowers used for finishing process

Finishing mill exhaust fan

Dust collecting fan

The dust collecting fan for cement factories is manufactured with extreme care so as not to cause any dust adhesion or damage due to corrosive components contained in the gas.